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Listen to an episode of Overcoming Obstacles


By Sifu Romain

Welcome to Overcoming Obstacles. This podcast is designed to help people overcome the challenges in their lives. Whether it be in relationships, finances, health, spirituality, business, career, or just the simple day to day things we get stuck on. Listen today and discover how to overcome your obstacles to living your best life.

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Overcoming Mental Mistakes

As we go about our everyday lives our thoughts influence our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Some of our thoughts maybe irrational and can lead to challenges.


May 7, 2019


Overcoming Self-Doubt

In this episode Sifu Romain shares with you strategies for overcoming self-doubt. You will learn how self-doubt affects your life...


April 29, 2019


Overcoming Indecision

Do you struggle making decisions? Knowing what you want, where you want to go, what to eat, choosing the right life partner...


April 18, 2019


Overcoming Infidelity

In this episode Sifu discusses and interviews coach Joy about the 7 lacks of a relationship that could lead to infidelity...


April 9, 2019


Overcoming Procrastination

Do you put things off ? Do people say your lazy, disorganized or just don’t care? Does your procrastination habit cause you stress and anxiety? Then this episode is for you. Sifu Romain gives you some practical strategies to overcome procrastination and accomplish your goals.


April 5, 2019

Overcoming Loneliness

In this episode Sifu Romain tackles the topic of loneliness and shares a personal story to help you overcome this challenge.


March 21, 2019


Overcoming the Storms of Life

In this episode Sifu Romain discusses the stages and steps to overcoming life’s challenges. He also shares his story. Learn more about Sifu Romain -go to


March 15, 2019

Overcoming bad habits and creatin…

Habits ... we all have them. Some good, some bad. This is your chance to learn the 6 steps to practicing and creating new habits that serve you.


March 13, 2019


Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Are you getting in your own way ? Do you beat yourself up for making mistakes? Negative Self-Talk is an inner dialogue yo


March 6, 2019


Overcoming obstacles to achievin…

In this episode Sifu Romain answers questions about overcoming obstacles to achieving your goals and how t


March 4, 2019


Personal Vision Statement Creatio…

In this episode Sifu Karl Romain explains what a personal vision statement is. He also takes you through the proces


February 28, 2019


Dreams and Vision

Why do we need to let ourselves dream again ?


February 27, 2019

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