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Learn the 6 Principles to Reset Your Life and Become Unbreakable

Unbreakable Live Workshop


Based on his best selling book Unbreakable, Sifu Romain will take you through the coaching exercises and the 6 principles to reset your life found in the book.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and are looking to develop the inner-strength to move forward, then this workshop is for you.

 In this workshop

  • You will be motivated to reset your life and get started on your path to achieving personal and professional greatness.

  • You will learn how to take a complete and objective inventory of your life as it is today.

  • You will discover simple, easy-to-implement steps to making immediate changes that will help you feel more confident and better equipped to embrace the life of your dreams.

  • You’ll learn techniques like forgiving yourself and others for past indiscretions and how to rid yourself of the emotional burdens that come from guilt, shame, and resentment.

  • You’ll gain insight into what really makes you happy and you will develop a clearer understanding of your true purpose in life.


Through allegories, personal stories, questions and coaching exercises, Sifu Romain will take you on a journey that will create the shift needed for transformation.

"Becoming Unbreakable is about developing the right perspective, being able to recognize when you need to reset, and knowing how to pick yourself up and live again".
- Unbreakable Book by Sifu Romain

Unbreakable live workshop

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Sifu Romain Interview with Pat Farnack On CBS Radio
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Sifu Romain discusses his new book Unbreakable with Frank Cipolla at his book launch party
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Get the coaching to transform your life. Join us at the Unbreakable Live Workshop
Listen to Sifu Romain discussing his book in the WILS Morning Show
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Your registration will include a signed copy of the bestselling book Unbreakable and a complimentary 30 min coaching session with Sifu Romain

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